Meet the Secretary of Commerce

Madam Secretary

“Disappointing.” “Stutters.” “Paler.” They’re not exactly words the U.S. secretary of commerce wants to see bolded about the economy in news headlines. Which may be why Penny Pritzker prefers to focus on what’s coming around the corner. That way, the swift talker can hope for the best — and also plan for the worst.

Since her swearing in less than two years ago, Pritzker has used her nearly three decades of private-sector experience to tackle issues facing businesses and entrepreneurs — and that, in turn, affect America’s workers. Think worries over stagnating wages, signs of emerging job sectors and countries that hold the most growth potential, as well as her stance on a hot-button political issue that could add more than $1 trillion to the future U.S. economy. Her edited chat with OZY follows…

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– Neil Parmar
Published in OZY