The Man Behind TED Talks on Persuasive Speaking


Are we in the midst of a public-speaking renaissance? Chris Anderson thinks so. As curator for the TED Conference and someone who’s seen hundreds of talks over the years, he’s come closer than most to unlocking the secret of being an effective, persuasive sharer of ideas. TED Talks, once focused mostly on tech, entertainment and design, have since evolved to feature more global issues and deeply personal insights, such as rediscovering the passionate “hum” that drives burned-out workaholics, as well as explorations into fields including machine learning and artificial intelligence, “which is going to have a huge part of shaping the future,” Anderson tells OZY.

But how do you better communicate an idea while shaping how someone thinks about the world or their actions, both now and into the future? Start by listening — listening to a man who began life in a remote village in Pakistan, where the oral tradition of exchanging ideas is very much alive today. In our conversation and accompanying video, which OZY is proud to co-premiere with TED today, Anderson draws from his book, TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking

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– Neil Parmar
Published in OZY