The Tech Titan Making a Splash in Canada’s ‘Shark Tank’

Maybe it’s Michele Romanow’s youthful exuberance about tech — or her bubbly demeanor — but the 31-year-old sometimes seems an easy target on the set of the Canadian reality-TV show Dragons’ Den. During Romanow’s primetime debut, the angel investor endured relentless ribbing by her costar judges for asking the founders of the Vancouver-based Daily Delivery service more questions after almost everyone else had dismissed their pitch. “We haven’t got time,” the eldest dragon, Jim Treliving, hissed at Romanow. “It’s a one-hour show, for Christ’s sake!”

But the prairie kid turned “tech titan” fired back at the “franchise king,” burning Treliving for misusing the word crowdfunding (“It’s crowdsourcing!”) and noting that mobile phones weren’t even around when the septuagenarian got started. Then Romanow closed the deal with Daily Delivery, whose CEO says it has since more than doubled its monthly orders and tripled its staff. “Everyone got their chair a bit differently,” Romanow says, her smartwatch and iPhone flashing away in a Toronto café. “Jim made his money in an old-school, franchise business model and, for me, I’m interested in companies where I can help and leverage technologies so they can go from two users to 200,000 users to two million users in a year.”

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– Neil Parmar
Published in OZY