About Me

My work as a journalist, editor, instructor, and marketer has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, TV news and radio programs, podcasts, and classrooms. I've also overseen editorial teams to support TV shows as well as a festival in Central Park. In New York City, Silicon Valley, and Abu Dhabi, I helped manage global newsrooms of multimedia correspondents during tumultuous transitions such as the Arab Spring and 2016 U.S. presidential election. In Toronto, I documented Shopify's impact and growth into Canada's most valuable company and led teams of content marketers, video producers, and content designers there during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a leader, I strive to be a compassionate guide while sponsoring growth opportunities, facilitating rapid organizational change, running creative sprints, hiring new team members, and launching timely initiatives. That said, my first love remains writing. Over the years, I have covered social issues such as food security, human rights advocacy, and supporting marginalized workers for publications including Entrepreneur, Inc., OZY, and HuffPost. I also spent eight months reporting for The Wall Street Journal's “Waste Lands” series, which revisited the little-noticed aftermath of the U.S. nuclear-arms buildup and became a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.

Now I work on the brand strategy and communications team at SickKids Foundation, which supports The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and where we believe the well-being of kids and youth is among the most powerful ways to improve society. I'm also a board member at Social Planning Toronto, which challenges inequity—through knowledge generation, debate, civic engagement, advocacy, and collaboration—to spark social and policy change.