I support the marketing team and co-chair the equity, diversity, and inclusion committee at SickKids Foundation, which fundraises for The Hospital for Sick Children. I'm also a board member at Community Foundations of Canada—a network of more than 200 foundations driving local solutions for national change—where I co-chair its governance committee.

My work across the non-profit, tech, education, and media sectors has appeared in transformational gift proposals, impact and endowment reports, strategic plansnewspapers, magazines, books, branded contentbroadcast shows, televised and online news, live talkshows, a mini-docradio programs, an award-nominated podcast where I'm the showrunner, university classrooms I've taught, and a festival in Central Park where I oversaw editorial coverage. My interest in film-based storytelling has evolved from covering Arab movies at TIFF and the (now defunct) Abu Dhabi Film Festival to supporting the board at the Edmonton International Film Festival.

From New York City, the United Arab Emirates, and Silicon Valley, I helped manage global newsrooms of multimedia correspondents during tumultuous transitions such as the Arab Spring and 2016 U.S. presidential election (while simultaneously reporting and editing from the field). In Toronto, I documented Shopify's growth into Canada's most valuable company and led or co-led its teams of content marketersvideo producers, and content designers. Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, I pivoted from educating e-commerce entrepreneurs to advancing child health.

Through occupational twists and turns, I've remained a writer at heart, with curiosity as my compass. I've advocated for social change—food security, human rights protection, supporting marginalized workers—with bylines in Entrepreneur, Inc., Yahoo, and HuffPost. I also spent eight months freelance reporting for The Wall Street Journal's front-page “Waste Lands” series, which revisited the little-noticed aftermath of the U.S. nuclear-arms buildup and became a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.